2016 Audi Q4 Review

Makers of the new 2016 Audi Q4 expected to release a vehicle that will be a candidate for the position of the best SUV on the market. That's because this new vehicle is further improved features and looks compared to previous models have. Consequently, this new SUV is some of the best properties in the SUV market, which it must be liked by many people.

2016 Audi Q4 Front View

2016 Audi Q4 - exterior and interior design

One of the aspects, the manufacturer expects 2016 Audi Q4 focus is the appearance of the vehicle. This is especially after realizing that most car buyers, the cars to choose attractive and stylish. The new vehicle will be made based on the new MQB platform, and therefore it will have found some of the external features of the Q3 and Q5 medium. The front end is especially undergo numerous changes, which include a horizontal bar grille give this compact SUV an aggressive and sportier look. The headlights are expected to made slim, to make them stronger while driving in places with poor visibility are. The front fog lamps of Audi Q4 2016 are slightly raised so they can be more effective in reducing the reflection of light. It will help on the front and large air inlets to provide enough air into the engine and front brake system to obtain a large Audi logo. This vehicle will enable monumental twenty-inch wheels. The exhaust system of the vehicle is improved, and it is available in a variety of colors. 2016 Honda crosstour release date and price Passengers and the driver of the Audi Q4 2016 to enjoy optimal comfort and convenience, which are made available through the functions prior art. Some of these internal facilities include comfortable and spacious four seats. There is also cup spaces between the seats and headrests on all seats. The driver is able to use his hands through the wireless Bluetooth, the need this car free phone. The other connection options, which are expected to belong to be available this vehicle WiFi, a USB interface, navigation, GPS and auxiliary audio output. Entertainment is a surround system that will have a total of six speakers and can be exclusively from the large touch screen, which will be on the dashboard, controlled. This screen will also be useful in helping the driver Note when functions like pressure level or fuel level must be adjusted. Inside the vehicle, the passengers and driver are regulated temperatures to enjoy through the zone air conditioning.

2016 Audi Q4 - Engine and Performance

2016 Audi Q4 will be powered by a gasoline engine and two electric motors. The gasoline engine is probably a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit, which are produced in a position to 288 hp. 2016 Audi S4 Rumors and release date The overall performance of the entire machine system is expected to a torque of 480 Nm and 402 hp is. The engine must have high fuel efficiency especially considering that they have electric motors. There is also a high acceleration, where they move in a position, from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.2 seconds. The maximum speed of the entire engine system 155mph therefore makes the vehicle ideal for people who love speed.

2016 Audi Q4 - price and release date

It is expected that the release date of the 2016 Audi Q4 will be about mid-2016 and to be his starting price between $ 45, 000 and $ 50, 000

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