Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
24 Servings

Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
1/2 cup Walnuts, Chopped
6 oz Chocolate Chips
2  Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla
1/2 cup Butter, Softened
1  Yellow Cake Mix
Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

Imperial Chocolate Chip Cookies Resipe
36 Servings

Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
3/4 cup Imperial margarine
1 packages semi sweet chocolate chips
2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 large egg
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup sugar
2/3 cup firmly packed light brown sugar

  • Heat ovet to 350 deg F.
  • Beat imperial spread with sugars in bowl until smoot.
  • Beat in vanila, egg, baking soda. Stir in flour until blended. stir in chips.
  • Drop by heaping table spoon. 2 in apart on ungreased baking sheets
  • Bake 10 minuts, or up to edges are golden.
  • Cool on baking sheets, aet with cold glass of milk.
Tallhose Chocolate Chip Cookies (1939)
48 Servings

Quick and Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes
 2 large Eggs
 2 cup Chocolate Chips
 1 tsp Vanilla
 3/4 cup Brown Sugar (firmly packed)
 3/4 cup Granulated Sugar
 1 cup Butter, softened
 1 tsp Salt
 1 tsp Baking Soda
2 1/4 cup AP Flour

  • Heat oven to 375 deg F.
  • Combine baking soda, flour, salt in a bowl and set aside.
  • Beat sugars, butter and vanilla till creamy.
  • Add eggs.
  • Gradually add the fluor mixture.
  • Stir in chocolate chip.
  • Drop by runded tsp onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
  • Bake each patch 8-10 minutes.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes With Spinach

Spinach Eggs
4 Servings
Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes With Spinach
4 tbsp olive oil
2 pinch pepper
2 pinch salt
6  potatoes
4 tbsp parsley
1  onion
2 cup cooked spinach
8  eggs
  • Slice Potatoes into small cube. skin can be peeled if desired
  • Boil potatoes in water up to they are soft.
  • In a bowl, toss the eggs, pepper, salf, slice onion, and sliced parsley.
  • Preheat a frying pan, then add the olive oil.
  • Add the mix of eggs and spread all over the frying pan.
  • Add the spinach over eggs.
  • Let it cook up to it release from the pan.
  • Season the potatoes with parsley and salf, and serve the spinachs eggs.
Spinach Quiche
8 Servings
Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes With Spinach
1  9-inch deep dish prepared pie crust
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp kosher salt
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 tsp pepper
1 cup evaporated milk
2  eggs
1 1/2 cup Sargento 6 Cheese Italian Blend
1/2 tbsp olive oil
1/4  bell pepper chopped
1/2  onion chopped
1 1/2 cup fresh spinach, torn with larger stems removed

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes With Spinach

Quick and Easy to Make Breakfast Recipes

Super French Toast
4 Servings
Quick and Easy to Make Breakfast Recipes
1  Eggs;
2 tbsp Orange juice;
1/4 cup Cornflakes; crushed
1/8 tsp Salt;
2 tbsp Wheat germ;
4 slice French bread;
4 slice Whole wheat bread; =OR=-
1 1/2 tbsp Margarine;
2 tbsp Ground pecans;

  • Mix the eggs, salt and orange juice in a bowl with a fork or whisk up to blended.
  • Mix the wheat germ, corn flakes, and nuts in a pie pan or cake pan.
  • Preheat the margarine in a skillet.
  • Dip bread slice into egg mixture and then into corn flakes micture, coating both sides.
  • Place in skillet  as many pieces as will fit comfortably in one layer (2 or 3 batches may be needed).
  • Cook up to brown on both sides, turning slices cerefuly with wibe spatula.
  • Keep finished toast warm if cooking more batches.

Economy Waffles
4 Servings
Quick and Easy to Make Breakfast Recipes
4 cup Flour
4 tbsp Butter -- melted - or substit ute
4 tbsp Baking powder
2 tsp Salt
2 cup Milk -- sweet
8 each Eggs

  • Beat yolks of eggs, add salf, milk, flour and baking powder mixed together and shortening.
  • Add stiffly beaten whites of eggs and bake on waffle iron up to crips and brown.

healthy Pasta Recipes 'Breakfast'

La Frittata/ Easy Omelet

6 Servings
healthy Pasta Recipes 'Breakfast'Ingredients:
6 each eggs
1 cup vegetables cooked
2 cup pasta cooked
3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1/4 each onion
1 clove garlic
1/2 cup grated parmigiano-reggiano (or more to taste)
1 each parsley to taste
  • Slice or chop garlic & garlic.
  • Add to pan with tablespoons of olive oil. (or more taste).
  • Once fragrant, add cooked vegetable. Toss to incorporate.
  • Whisk the eggs, Add the cheese, parsley, chopped & salt & pepper, if desired
  • Add pasta & stir.
  • Add egg mixture & toss to spread evenly in pan.
  • Cover, and allow to cook for 5 - 10 mins on medium heat up tu the sides of the omlet release easily.
  • Take a plate, and flip the omelet.
  • Side back into pan and cook an additional 3 to 5 mins
  • Remove frome pan and garnish with parsley. Can be served hot or cold.

Creamy Scrambled Egggs With Cream Cheese

Creamy Scrambled Egggs With Cream Cheese4 Servings
1/2 cup shallots
1/3 cup Whipping cream
3 ounce Cream cheese
5 Eggs
2 tablespoon Butter

  • In a large frying pan, melt butter over low heat. 
  • Add shallots and toss until limp. 
  • Add the cream cheese; toss until the cream cheese melts. 
  • In a bowl, lighty beat the eggs with pepper and salt to taste. 
  • Pour the egg mixture into the pan, gently stirring to blend with the cream mixture. 
  • Cook just up to the egs are softly set. 
  • Sprinkle eggs with parsley.

Breakfast Recipe; Chavrie Spinach Quiche

Breakfast Recipe; Chavrie Spinach Quiche
8 Servings
4 Eggs
6 oz. Heavy cream or Alouette crème fraiche
6 oz. Half and Half
½ tsp Cayenne
½ tsp. Salt
1 pinch Nutmeg
1 pkg. (5.3 oz.) Chavrie goat cheese
¼ tsp. Ground white pepper
1-9 inch pie crust pre-baked
1 pkg. Frozen spinach

  • Blend Chavrie with eggs & stir.
  • Add cream & half to make custard & season with pepper, salt, cayenne & nutmeg.
  • Scatter the spinach evenly over the bottom of the pre-baked piecrust.
  • Pour custard into the shell toss with a fork to evenly distribute the spinach.
  • Bake at 350 degreees F for 45 mins, up to a knife blade inserted into it comes out clean.
  • Let rest and serve warm.

  • Substitute Spinach with 12 oz. fresh diced asparagus.

Broccoli-Cheese Omlate Recipe

Broccoli-Cheese Omlate Recipe2 Servings
1/2 c Cabbage
1 c Egg Substitute
1 c Broccoli
1 c Broccoli  Cole Slaw
*** Non-stick pan spray***
1/4 c Salsa
2 ounces Low Fat Cheddar Cheese
1/4 c Cilantro
1/2 c Tomato

  • If you're working with whole broccoli separate the flowers from the stems. 
  • Peel the thicker portion of the stem & shred the tender insides finely. 
  • I buy bags of flowers & shredded "Broccoli Slaw" to save a lot of time. 
  • The slaw also has cabbage & carrot shreds in it.
  • Steam the Broccoli Flowers for about 3 mins then add the shredded cabbage & Broccoli slaw.
  •  Then steam another 1 minute. 
  • You don't want it completely cooked, just softened. 
  • Chop the flowers up into small chunks. 
  • Remove from heat and set aside.
  • In an omelet pan place 1/4 cup amounts of egg & cook up to done (but not hard). repeat up to you hace 4 egg "patties". 
  • Set 1 egg pattie on each plate & top with a slice of cheese & about 1/2 cup of the broccoli mixture. 
  • Add a some more broccoli & second egg pattie. 
  • Top with chopped tomato & a dollop of salsa. 
  • Garnish with some cilantro.
  • Serve immediately accompanied by multi-grain toast or other healthy bread.

Egg Dishes For Breakfast; Baked Eggs Napoleon

Egg Dishes For Breakfast; Baked Eggs Napoleon2 Servings
1. 1 tsp butter
2. 1 tbsp jalapeno
3. 1/4 cup sweet onion
4. 12 tater tots
5. Black pepper
6. 1 clove garlic
7. 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese
8. 2 Eggs
9. salt
  • Heat oven to 350° F.  Heat a small skillet over medium high heat.
  • Melt butter in the skillet and add the jalapeno &  onion. Cook 3 to 5 mins, toss occasionally, until starting to soften.
  • Add the garlic & cook another minute, toss occasionally.
  • Spray two small ramekin dishes with non-stick spray. Divide the crumbled tots between the two dishes.
  • Toss the chile, onion, garlic mixture into the dishes.
  • Top with the mozzarella.
  • Crack an egg into each ramekin. Season with pepper & salt.
  • Bake in the oven on the middle rack for 5 mins.
  • Broil on high for 5 to 6 mins or up to the eggs are set.
  • Rest for 5 mins before serving & warn diners that the ramekin is still hot. For a different plating, I like to slide the egg out of the ramekin with a fork or thin silicon spatula, as pictured.

Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe

Twice Baked Potatoes Recipe2 Servings
1/3 cup Sour cream
3 tbsp milk
4 tsp Cheddar
2 tsp Parmesan cheese
1/8 tsp Salt
2 medium Baked potatoes
2 tsp Bacon bits

  • Bake Potatoes at 425° F  for 40 up to45 mins or until tender. 
  • Allow to cool to the touch. Ina a bowl, combine , milk, sour cream salt & Parmesan cheese. 
  • Cut a thin slice off the top of potatoes; carefully spoon out the pulp, leaving a thin shell. 
  • Mash pulp with sour cream mixture; stuff shells. 
  • Sprinkle with bacon and cheddar cheese. 
  • Bake at 325° F for 20 mins or until heated through.

Mom's Cinnamon Buns Recipe

Mom's Cinnamon Buns Recipe
24 Servings
1. 1 cup. Pecans
2. 1/2 cup. Butter
3. 1 cup. Brown sugar
4. 1/2 cup. Light corn Syrup
1. 3/4 cup. Sugar
2. 1 teaspoon. Salt
3. 6 cups Flour
4. 3 tablespoon. Yeast
5. 3 Eggs
6. 1 cup. Water
7. 1/2 cup. Butter
1. 1 cup. Raisins
2. 1 cup. Cinnamon Sugar

  • Melt butter in pot. 
  • Toss corn syrup &  brown sugar. 
  • Preheat & stir sugar dissolves. Boil for 1-2 mins. Pour into 2 9” greased, square pans. 
  • Sprinkle with nuts.
  • In mixing bowl, fully mix  sugar, 1 1/4 cups of flour, undissolved yeast, salt & butter. 
  • Add water. 
  • Shake 2 mins at medium speed, scraping sides occasionally. 
  • Add 1/4 cup flour  & eggs . Shake in high speed for 2 mins. 
  • Reduce to low speed to add more flour; increase to speed 2; then decrease again to add next bit of flour. 
  • Toss  enough flour to make a soft dough. 
  • Once dough clings to dough hook and sides are clean, continue mixing for 5-6 mins. 
  • Remove dough from hook & divide in half.
  • Roll one half to a 14”x9” rectangle. 
  • Spray with cooking spray, sprinkle with raisins and cinnamon sugar . 
  • Roll from short end; pinch to seal seam. 
  • Cut into 9 up to 12 slices and arrange in prepared pan. 
  • Repeat with other half.
  • Rise dough in warm place til doubled. 
  • Bake at 375 degrees F brown 20-25 mins. 
  • Cool in pan for 10 mins. Invert into plate.

Or freeze:
  • Cover with foil & freeze. 
  • Can be done weeks ahead! 
  • At bedtime, remove foil & place in oven to thaw & rise. 
  • In the morning, turn oven on 375 degrees & bake until brown 25-30 mins. 
  • Cool in pan for 10 mins. Invert into plate.

Easy Healthy Recipe Oatmeal Bars

Easy Healthy Recipe Oatmeal Bars
10 Servings
1. 3/4  Egg whites; whipped
2. 1/3 teaspoon Vanilla extract
3. 1 1/4 c Rolled oats; uncooked
4. 1/2 c Unbleached flour
5. 1/3 c Granulated sugar
6. 1/3 c Brown sugar; packed
7. 1/3 teaspoon Baking soda

8. 1/3 teaspoon Cinnamon
9. 1/8 teaspoon Salt
10. 1/3 c & 1 tablespoon Butter; softened

  • Heat oven 375 degrees F.
  • Prepare a 9 * 13 inches pan with cooking spray & flour; set aside.
  • In a mixing large bowl, combine egg white, vanilla & margarine.
  • Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients just until moistened.
  • Spread mixture into prepared pan.
  • Bake for 25 mins or up to lightly browned.

Recipe Pancake; Fltuffy Pancake

Recipe Pancake Fltuffy Pancake
3 servings
1/4 c Sugar
3 teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 c Milk
1 c Flour
1 Egg
3 tablespoons Butter (Melted)

  • Mix  ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. 
  • Add milk, melted butter, & egg.
  • Mix with a whisk until mixed but still lumpy, do not over mix. 
  • Pour into a hot griddle set at 325° F, into desired pancake sizes.
  • Flip pancake when the batter starts to bubble, but before the underside to too brown. 
  • Cooking is finished when the cake is golden brown. 
  • Serves three Adults, or two Adults & two small children

Easy Breakfast Recipe: Gingerbread Scones

Servings: 8
2 tsp Baking Powder
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp Sugar
1 Recipe Nutmeg Whipped Cream
1/4 tsp Vanilla
Coarse sugar
1/8 tsp Ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp orange peel
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup Butter
3 tbsp Brown sugar
1/2 tsp Baking soda
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine the brown sugar, flour, baking soda, salt, baking powder, ground ginger & cinnamon.  
  • Using a pastry cutter, cut in the butter until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
  • Make a well in the center.
  • In a small mixing bowl, stir together the egg yolk, milk, & molasses; add all at once to the center of the flour mixture.
  • With a fork, stir until combined (mixture may seem dry). Turn dough onto a lightly floured surface.
  • Quickly knead dough for 10-12 strokes or up to nearly smooth.
  • Pat of lightly roll dough into a 7" circle.
  • Cut into 8 wedges.
  • Arrange wedges on an ungreased baking sheet about 1 inch apart. 
  • Brush with egg white and sprinkle with coarse sugar if desired. 
  • Bake at 400 degrees F for 12-15 mins or till lightly brown. 
  • Cool scones on a wire rack for 20 minutes.
  • Serve warm with Nutmeg Whipped Cream if desired. To freeze: Cool scones completely and wrap tightly in foil; place in freezer bags.
  • Freeze for until 3 months.
  • Place frozen, foil-wrapped scones in a 300 degrees F oven &  heat for 15-20 mins or until warm (10-15 mins if thawed).

  • In a chilled small mixer bowl, combine all of the ingredients.
  • Beat with chilled beaters of an electric mixer on medium speed until soft peaks form.
  • Serve immediately or cover and chill until needed, until 120 mins. Makes 1 cup.

Easy Breakfast Recipe: Cinnamon Crumble Coffe Cake

Easy Breakfast Recipe Cinnamon Crumble Coffe Cake
Servings: 4
1. 3 large Egg
2. 1 c Nuts
3. 1 tsp Salt
4. 3 3/4 tsp Baking Powder
5. 1 1/4 c Vegetable oil
6. 5 c Flour
7. 1 1/8 c milk
8. 2 tsp Vanilla extract
9. 2/3 stick Butter
10. 2 tsp Cinnamon
11. 3 c Sugar
  • Heat oven 400 degrees F / 200 degrees C / Gas Mark 7.
  • Mix together the sugar, flour, baking powder and salt. Add in the oil.
  • In the smaller portion add the vanilla, eggs & milk extract. 
  • Mix well until free of lumps ( mixture will be thin ). 
  • Pour into greased 9 x 13-inch pan.
  • In the big  portion add the cinnamon, nuts & butter. 
  • Mix with hands , making crumbs, leaving some big crumbs.
  • Bake for 25-30 mins till browned.
  • Cool & sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Breakfast Menu Recipe; Buttermilk Biscuits


1. 1 tablespoon Baking Powder
2. 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
3. 1/2 c Buttermilk
4. 1 tablespoon Granulated Sugar
5. 1 teaspoon Salt
6. 2 c All-Purpose Flour
7. 2 tablespoon Unsalted Butter
8. 2 tablespoon Lard
  • Heat oven to 500 degrees F & set oven rack to the center of the oven. 
  • Combine dry ingredients in a food processor & pulse to blend.
  • Add Lard & chilled Butter & pulse until the the mixture looks pebbly.
  • Remove from the food processor & put this mixture in a medium-sized bowl & gently stir in the Buttermilk until just incorporated.
  • Fall back onto a flour the top & flour board, & fold over, pat, flour, fold, flour until barely workable.
  • Cut biscuits & put them on a baking pan prepared with a baking sheet with the sides just kissing each other.
  • Put them in the oven, flap the oven door, & turn the temperature down to 450 degrees F. Bake for 10 to 12 mins.

Breakfast Recipe: Blueberry Cream Muffins


1. 1 1/2 c fresh blueberries
2. 2 c All-purpose flour
3. 2 large Eggs
4. 1/2 tsp Baking soda
5. 1 tsp Baking Powder
6. 1 c Granulated sugar
7. 1/2 c Vegetable oil
8. 1/2 tsp Salt
9. 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
10. 1 c Sour cream

Sttep 1
  • Place oven rack in lower-middle position of oven & preheat to 375° F.
Step 2
  • In a medium bowl sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda, & salt.
  • Sprinkle 1 tbsp of flour mixture over blueberries & toss to coat; set aside.
Step 3
  • In a big bowl, whisk eggs & sugar together until mixture is pale yellow.
  • While whisking, slowly pour in oil; add vanilla & sour cream, and mix well.
  • Fold in remaining flour mixture until just incorporated.
  • Do not over mix. (Batter should be mixed just until it comes together. It's OK for some small sprays of flour to be visible in the raw dough.) 
  • Gently fold in 1 cup of the blueberries.
Step 4
  • Spray a twelve-cup muffin tin with vegetable cooking spray or coat lightly with butter (or use paper liners).
  • Distribute muffin dough equally among cup.
  • Sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup of berries on top of muffins & press down lightly.
  • Place in oven and increase temperature to 400 degrees° F.
  • Bake until muffins are golden brown & a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean, about 20 to 25 mins, rotating pan halfway through.
  • Remove from oven and turn out, upside down on tea towel to cool completely. 
  • Serve immediately or store in airtight container for 2 to 3 days.
Step 5
  • If desired, to cinnamon-coat muffin tops, dip warm muffins in melted butter, then in mixture of 2 teaspoons cinnamon & 1/2 cup granulated sugar.

Dessert Recipe: Crunchy Yogutr Sundae

A berry sweet way to start or end day, since this yummy vitamin and mineral-packaged yogurt sundae is both a stupendous breakfast and a extraordinary dessert

1. 8 strawberries
2. 8c Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
3. 1 1/3 c yoplait 99 percent free fat creamy strawberriy yogurt


Step 1
  • cut 6 of the strawberry into 4 slices.
  • Place 6 strawberry slices in  of two parfait glasses.
  • Sprinkle-0.25c (1/4c) cereal over strawberries.
  • Pour about-0.3c (1/3c) yogutr over cereal.
  • Create another layer strawberries, yogurt and cereal.
  • Top the each sundae with whole strawberry.
  • Serve immediately

Breakfast Recipe Best Ever Banana Muffins

1. 2 ounces Sugar
2. 1 large Egg
3. 3 large Bananas
4. 0.5 tps Salt
5. 1 tsp Baking Powder
6. 1 tps Baking soda
7. 1/3 cup Butter
8. 3/4 cup All purpose flour

Step 1
  • Preheat oven to 375 °F /190 °C 
Step 2
  • Mash bananas. Add slightly  egg and sugar and mix well.
  • Add the melted butter.
  • Make a well in the middle and add the dry ingredients.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.
Step 3
  • Add also  brown sugar to the tops of the muffins before baking.
  • This made them crunchy on top, but I haven't tried it myself.

Almond Puff Pastries Breakfast Recipe


1. 8 ounces (2 c) heavy whipping creamConfectioners' sugar
2. 4 ounces (1 c) sugar
3. 1 egg
4. 1 tbs water
5. 4 ounces (1 c) sliced almonds
6. 17.25 oz frozen puff pastry


Step 1
  • Unfold pastry sheets onto a lightly floured surface. Cut each sheet into nine 3-in. squares.
  • Place 1 in. apart on greased baking sheets; set aside.
  • In a small bowl, beat egg yolk and water; brush over pastry squares.
  • In another bowl, beat egg white; add almonds and sugar. 
  • Spread over each square.
Step 2
  • Bake at 375 degree for 20-25 minutes or until well puffed and browned.
  • Cool completely on wire racks.
Step 3
  • Split pastries in half horizontally.
  • Fill with whipped cream; replace tops.
  • Sprinkle with confectioners' sugar.
  • Serve immediately. Yield: 18 servings.